Back In The Saddle – Part Two

The flight from Lisbon arrived two hours later than scheduled in São Tomé.  I went to retrieve my luggage only to discover it had not arrived! Luckily I had a carry-on with toiletries and a two-day change of clothes. We were transferred to Omali São Boutique, a small, beautiful, oceanfront, boutique hotel. I decided I was not going to let lost luggage ruin my stay. Due to the late arrival and early morning departure to meet and board a cruise ship, I only took photos of our evening meal before going to bed. I hope you enjoy this link and see what a beautiful facility this is and learn a little something about São Tomé.

São Tomé and Principe islands were believed to have been originally uninhabited, were explored by Portuguese navigators in 1471 and settled by the end of the century. … The Portuguese revolution of 1974 brought the end of the overseas empire, and on July 12, 1975, Lisbon granted Sáo Tomé independence.

Once settled in our room we immediately went to the restaurant and ordered a wonderful dinner of fish with matabala (cocoyam) and cassava (yucca) mash. Shrimp and avocado salad, and calulu soup with smoked fish and roasted manioc. White rice was served on the side. I was struck by the similarities between the dishes served and those I’m familiar with from the Caribbean and Brazil. As a matter of fact I had eaten cassava mash in NYC across the street from the Smith Projects!

Steamed Fish with Matabala and cassava Mash
Sao Tome, Omali Sao Boutique Hotel.



Roasted Manioc
Shrimp and Avocado Salad
Sao Tome, Omali Sao Boutique Hotel
Calulu Soup
Sao Tome, Omali Sao Boutique Hotel
















In Brazil roasted manioc is called farinha, calulu is non-other than a rendition of Callaloo soup served throughout the Caribbean.

After a restful sleep (we’d been flying and in airports for about 18 hours) we were up and ready to head out to start the next part of our trip, a 10 day cruise up the west coast of Africa.

I’ll close here and will post a third and final installment on this amazing trip.


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3 thoughts on “Back In The Saddle – Part Two

  1. I’m really thrilled that you’re “Back in the saddle”.
    Sao Tome & Principe sound intriguing and delicious
    Happy cruise. Never liked them. You may change my mind on this one up the coast!

  2. Glad you’re “Back in the saddle”
    Sao Tome & Principe hotel looks intriguing & delicious
    I’ve never liked cruises, but yours up the coast sounds marvelous.

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