Spice Blends Sampler and Tea Gift Basket


The gift set contains spices and herbal tea representative of the flavors of Africa and the African diaspora. Two African spices, two USA spices, and two Caribbean spices, a package of hibiscus tea all mounted on a beautifully hand woven basket, and includes a hand carved wooden spoon.


20160810_093301 (1)
Spices and hibiscus tea mounted on flat fanner baskekt,

The Gift set contains 6 spice blends representative of the flavors of the African diaspora. The Moroccan Spice Mix and Tsire Spice Powder are African, Creole Seasoning and Low Country Boil Spice are from the USA and Adobo and Jerk Dry Rub, represent the Caribbean. The Hibiscus/Bissap/Sorrel Tea is an herbal tea known the world over.

The spices are mounted on a woven basket, 100% handmade by artisans in the region of Tivaouane, Senegal, west Africa. The baskets are made from the stems of a field grass called “ndone” (Wolof) which grows in certain dry areas of Senegal.

The packaging includes descriptions and suggestions on the use of the spices and hibiscus tea. A hand carved wooden spoon is  also included.





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